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Flatsharing can be a rewarding and liberating experience and it's easy to get carried away with the excitement particularly if this is your first flat.  But it's important to realise that not everyone is as honest and above board as you are and you should carry out your own due diligence, keep your sensible head on,and exercise the usual precautions in any financial or personal dealings - 'buyer beware' is good advice that never goes out of fashion.

If a flat sounds too good to be true it probably is, get an objective opinion from somone you trust if you have doubts, trust your gut feeling if the flatshare or circumstance doesn't feel 'right'.  Flat too cheap for the area or the size/decor? Be suspicious and carry out some discrete checks with local estate/letting agents, neighbours etc.

Meeting with potential flatmates, landlords or lodgers is no different from meeting any other stranger - be safe, be mindful of your environment, where you are meeting and how you will travel back from the meeting if in the evening.  Look at the address on Google Streetview before you go (that might save you a journey too if the property is dreadfu)l.  Female flatsharers in particular are advised to take the usual safety precautions - take a friend to see your flat, try and meet in daylight, tell people where you are are going, take your mobile and pre-arrange a phone call with someone you trust.  Take specific notice of how the flatshare is advertised - is it through an agent or has it been posted by an individual.

Read up on flat let and rental scams and be prepared to stand your ground on deposits and rents - don't pay over large amounts of cash, or use unsecure payment methods like Western Union, beware of landlords not willing to use tenancy agreement or the tenancy deposit scheme - and ALWAYS ALWAYS view the flat before parting with money/moving in.

More advice HERE and HERE, on plenty more on Google.


This website does not collect personal details or retain any personal info about our visitors or customers, we will, by necessity, request and collect some information about you if you contact using our contact form or by email this information is only actively used for the duration of the enquiry and for any matters arising from that enquiry, we reserve the right to retain that information passively in our company records for our accounting, tax or insurance records.  We treat your personal data with respect and will keep it safely, and not sell or disclose it to third parties, unless required by lawful process.  All property and roommate related data is maintained by the agents or partners we operate with, not by Flatshares UK

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Big thanks to the following Spike at SparkleDESIGN for the website design and SEO, Canstock Photo Inc for additional photography (use of any models does not imply their personal endorsement of our website or product). Particularly we would like to thank the team at Spareroom.com for helping us to get started on this venture, and the phenomenon that is Facebook that has allowed us to really put the sharing into flat sharing!

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